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The members of CFUW Parksville Qualicum acknowledge with respect the ancestral, traditional Aboriginal territories of the Coast Salish on whose territory we live, meet and learn.  CFUW PQ members are Oceanside women committed to and actively promoting equality, education and opportunities for women and girls locally, nationally and internationally. We invite you to come and meet us in an open atmosphere of advocacy, learning and friendship.  Please check out our monthly meetings, special events, interest groups and book clubs.  A wide range of topics is considered together with social activities that make our advocacy work connected and enjoyable.

Founded in 1981, CFUW PQ is an active member of CFUW National, joining with more than 100 other local clubs and their more than 7,000 individual members to advocate for girls and women.  Through CFUW National founded in 1919, we maintain active liaison with the federal government of Canada, with the United Nations, and with Graduate Women International (GWI/IFUW), which represents thousands of women around the world.  With our local partners, we advocate for issues such as poverty reduction and access to affordable early childhood education.  And with our members, we celebrate successes, work to meet challenges and maintain a spirit of friendship, collegiality and enjoyment. 


The national organization, CFUW, was founded in 1919.  In a few large cities, however, clubs had already been formed.  Vancouver University Women’s Club began in 1907, the first such west of Toronto.  (The Victoria Club began in 1908 and the Winnipeg Club in 1909.)

Dolly Kennedy on her 90th
Dolly Kennedy on her 90th

Most of the first members of the Club had attended universities in the east.  In a province still without a university, one of their foremost concerns was to be active in public service, especially with regard to education.  When the University of British Columbia was established by an act of the legislature the next year, 1908, it became a “sort of godchild of the Vancouver Club.”  As evidence of the Club’s interest in UBC, within the first few years Mrs. Farris [Evlyn Farris, first president of the Vancouver Club] was appointed to both the University Senate and the Board of Governors; in each case she was the first woman.

Over the years the Vancouver University Women’s Club thrived.  In the 60’s one of its most active members was Dolly Kennedy.   She used to spend her summers in the “big house” in Columbia Beach, and there in lies a link to the Parksville Qualicum Club.

In Nanaimo a University Women’s Club had formed in 1945.  Four women from up-island in the Parksville-Qualicum area had joined the Club.  They were Connie Beaton, Valentine Urie, Grace D’Arcy and Dianne Spearing.

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Privacy Policy

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Our vision is of our Vancouver Island community in a world where poverty is reduced and where there are equal opportunities for leadership, employment, income, education, careers and ability to maximize potential.


CFUW PQ, as a member of CFUW National and affiliate of Graduate Women International (GWI), will continue building its capacity to promote equality, social justice, fellowship and life-long learning for women and girls.


  • Pursuit of knowledge
  • Promotion of Education
  • Improvement of the status of women and human rights
  • Active participation in public affairs
  • Provision of Fellowship
  • Advocacy, Learning, Friendship

Strategic Goals

“Advocacy, Learning, Friendship: The Power of Women Working Together”


  • Advocate for the advancement of human rights and gender equality
  • Work with and through CFUW, CFUW BC Council, GWI, our elected representatives and concerned community groups to identify and understand issues and to define appropriate courses of action
  • Put our experience and education to use in the community, developing partnerships and programs for moving forward


  • Raise funds to support scholarships and bursaries for women of Oceanside
  • Continue to administer the James Craig Reid Memorial Scholarship awarded annually to either a female or male student entering 4th year university
  • Increase our own understanding and then our community’s understanding of Oceanside issues, including those issues related to the status and safety of women and girls, through study, lectures, panels and public forums
  • Build partnerships to advance the quality of public education and access to quality early childhood education


  • Offer a welcoming, supportive and respectful atmosphere to members and prospective members
  • Promote communication among members and with the community through our website, newsletter and other means
  • Provide social and recreational activities open to all members through a wide range of club interest groups

Executive Committee  2017-2018

To contact the CFUW PQ Executive please go to the contact page

Executive Officers

Past President:   Perry Perry
President:   Jacqueline Russell

Vice Presidents:   Val Gunn and Betty Price
Treasurer:   Lynn Brown
General Secretary:   Shirley Sterlinger
Executive Secretary:   TBD
Membership Secretary:   Bonnie Stableford

Standing Committees

Advocacy :    Betty Price
Resolution:   Val Gunn

 CFUW PQ Scholarship/Bursary Trust:    Lorna Miller
Global Outreach:    Catherine  Khan  & Wendy Reimer

Club Committees

Book Sale Coordinators:    Mary Ellen Campbell and Betty Price


  •  Marketing & Promotions: Mary Ellen Campbell
  • Newsletter : Barbara Bond
  • Webmaster: Barb Thompson

                Historians/|Archives: Noreen Ballantyne & Maggie Hawes

                 International Women’s Day : Perry Perry with Camille Lawson

                 Programme:    Executive 2017-2018

                  Sunshine: Nita Jack