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About Us

The members of the Canadian Federation of University Women Parksville Qualicum (CFUW PQ) acknowledge with respect the ancestral, traditional Aboriginal territories of the Coast Salish on whose territory we live, meet, and learn.

CFUW PQ is a voluntary, non-profit, non-partisan group of women residing in the Oceanside area who are committed to and actively promote equality, education and opportunities for children, girls, and women –  locally, nationally, and internationally.

Initiated in 1981, we focus on advocacy, learning, and friendship through monthly meetings, special events, committees, interest groups, and book clubs. Our annual book sale fundraiser began in 1984 and is held in October each year. Funds raised go toward projects and scholarships for local and international girls and women.

CFUW PQ is an active member of CFUW National, along with more than 100 local clubs and over 8,000 members advocating for girls and women. Through the CFUW National founded in 1919, we maintain active liaison with the Federal Government of Canada and the United Nations.

With our local partners, we advocate for issues such as poverty reduction, and access to affordable early childhood education. We have a long history of opposing violence against women. With our members, we celebrate successes, work to meet challenges, and maintain a spirit of friendship, collegiality and enjoyment.

CFUW Parksville Qualicum is a voluntary, non-partisan, non-profit, non-partisan organisation for women. We:
  • Provide local scholarships and awards to Oceanside women for post secondary education
  • Participate in worthwhile projects within our community and beyond
  • Provide our members with many opportunities for personal growth, friendship and fun!

CFUW PQ Vision: 

Women and girls are educated and empowered to make transformative change in the world

CFUW PQ Mission: 

Promote and enable women’s fellowship, continuous learning and empowerment to achieve educational and economic equality and social justice

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