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There are currently nine committees, who organize our club activities internally and externally. Not all committees are active all the time. Typically committee members organize their own meetings, and report back to both the Leadership circle and the general membership on upcoming activities, to inform, and to invite members to get involved.

  • Advocacy  
    • Brings forward local projects and initiatives which are aligned with our club mandate: education and welfare of  Children, Girls, and Womens 
  • Archives  
    • Oversees the collection of all critical club documents
    • Liaises with professional archivists to ensure appropriate archival storage  
  • Communications 
    • Responsible for timely and appropriate internal and external communications (including local press and radio) regarding Speaker Series, and public-facing events  
  • Fundraising 
    • Committee struck and meets as required for specific initiatives
  • Global Outreach 
    • Administers our overseas partnership initiatives in schools in Pakistan, East Africa, and Guatemala
  • Governance 
    • Meets as required, to update policies and procedures, and to deal with governance issues if they arise
    • Additional subcommittees struck when needed (e.g. annual Finance & Budget Committee)
  • Nominations  
    • Meets as required  to suggest and canvas for upcoming executive positions
  • Program 
    • manages the Speaker Series
  • Resolutions
    • Works on Resolutions with Clubs across Canada each year  
    • Resolutions are reviewed, amended and voted on at each national AGM. Please go to the  CFUW website for up to date information on CFUW Resolutions and National Initiatives.

In addition, the following groups are vital to the smooth running of the club, and club members will be invited at various times of the year to get involved.

  • Membership 
    • ensures membership files are kept up to date, shares contact information with other members
    • ensures dues are paid in a timely fashion
    • spearheads membership recruitment drives
  • Book Sale 
    • organizes publicity, logistics and staffing
    • ensures members are involved to the best of their ability in the sale
  • Scholarship and Bursary Trust 
    • administers the trust on behalf of the club