Interest Groups

 Interest Groups


Tuesday Afternoon Club
Meets 3rd Tuesday of the month/Joan George

In our group the choice of books is happily varied, from a walk through Afganistan with Rory Stewart (The Places in Between) to a walk through England with Rachel Joyce (The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry); from a natural history of cooking (Cooked) by Michael Pollen to When God Was a Rabbit by Sara Winman.  Being a very mixed group from one of the oldest members to one of the newest we all have a love of literature,thinking and talking, each person has time to speak in an atmosphere of critical acceptance and good fellowship.

Wed Night Book Club
Last Wed of the month at 7:30 pm / Edie Ross

At our June meeting, while sharing a potluck dinner, our book club members carefully select exciting and assorted genre of books.  From September to June , meeting in member’s homes, we enjoy in-depth discussions over a glass of wine. Our discussions are lively and unpredictable. What fun!

The Book Bags 
4th Thursdays 9:30 to 11:30 am except for July, August & December/ Bev Walls

At the June meeting books are proposed, voted on and slotted into the upcoming months.

The person who suggested a chosen book facilitates and someone else hosts.
Discussions are lively and wide ranging.  Everyone has an opinion, is willing to share and
also willing to listen.  At present this group is unable to take more members.

Thursday Evening Book Club
First Thursday of each month at 7:15/Rosemary Patterson

We meet year round.  The members pick a genre rather than all read the same books.  The result is quite an interesting discussion, sometimes followed up by a road or boat trip to view places mentioned in the books.

Every Friday from Sept – May from 1:00 – 4:00/Ann Kullman

We take turns hosting 2 tables of 5 hands of bridge with a break for tea/coffee and a goodie.
The bridge is friendly and conversation lively.  We are looking for members interested in playing on a regular basis or as a spare.

Meets for two hours every other Wednesday at members’ homes/Barbara Baker

We work on personal projects and various charity projects, helping and encouraging each other.  Our charity projects have included knitting washcloths, hats, scarves, mittens, socks, blanket squares, children’s cardigans and even members of the Royal Family posed on a balcony – this delight was auctioned at the National AGM in Victoria.  We accomplish all this while enjoying good conversation on a wide range of topics.

Meets at least monthly/ Camille Lawson

Out and About was started to provide opportunities for members to socialize and to explore our island home. Chatter and laughter follow us to a local venue or take us further out. Members learn of the month’s plan in the newsletter and sign up at the general meeting for an event later in the month. The organizers make reservations if necessary and arrange carpooling. The objective is to have lunch and fun. To get involved, simply sign up to attend, offer to drive if you can do that, and perhaps suggest an outing you think will be of interest.

Meets as announced/Rosemary Paterson

There are a number of our members writing books or articles.  We meet several times a year to review member’s writing and give positive feedback about how to proceed to publish or self-publish.  Members contemplating writing memoirs, articles or books of any genre are most welcome to join us.

New Groups

Meet as announced /Lorna Miller

There will be 3 events planned for this year, one  in the fall and two in the new year.  The sign up will be at the general club meeting immediately before the selected dates.You can offer to host or to be a guest. As a guest you’ll be asked to bring one of the following to the lunch: appetizer, side dish/salad, dessert, rolls and bottle of wine. As the host you’ll be expected to provide the ‘main dish’ and tea/coffee. Any allergies will be shared as necessary. Guests will know who the host is, hosts will have surprise guests.  Watch for notices in the Newsletter. Lorna Miller

Talking Circle

Are you interested in group discussion on topics such as “Indigenous Women in   Canada today and  what about  tomorrow?” or “Are these groups (Indigenous Peoples, Colonists and Immigrants) the three pillars of Canada’s  society in the 21st Century? How do we create balance?   Other topics are welcome.

If so , you are invited to Robin Robinson’s  to participate in our Talking Circle.

Contact Robin at 240-752-1538 or