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 CFUW Juana Maria Global Outreach text                                                                    Aldea Maya  In Global Outreach CFUW members explore global issues which affect women. The group is co-chaired by Catherine Khan and Wendy Reimer. We’re happy to welcome new members.   We meet on the 1st Thursdays in the month, at 2:00 p.m. in someone’s home.Please check the current club calendar on the main webpage. We do not meet every month unless there is new business. 
 What we are about!   The Global Outreach group shares an interest in World Development, the education of girls and women worldwide, and in the continuing education of our Club members on these topics.   We prefer to sponsor students and projects with which we have some personal connection, so that we can maintain communication.             Aldea Maya garden                                                      Aldea Maya

 CFUW Miriamu Omary spring 2017 Form 2                                                                             CHES   For many years our Club has sponsored students through their senior secondary school years in various countries, the most recent being Kenya, and now Tanzania, in East Africa.  Since 2015 we have sponsored Mariamu, of Katesh, Tanzania, through CHES, the Canadian Harambee Education Society. We receive her marks, personal letters and pictures at regular intervals.


 We are in our third and final year of supporting a rural teachers’ education project in Uganda, called “Teachers for Rural Futures,” through GWI, CFUW’s international arm (Graduate Women International.) The goal of this project is to improve the teacher training presently being given to rural women teachers in Uganda, to encourage them to be better teachers, thereby improving the lives of the girls they will teach.  Ugandan student teachersUgandan student teachers            GWI


 Child-Friendly-Schools-DIL - little girlChild at her desk in the Ghazi DIL Primary School, Karachi.                               DIL Canada   Our Club has two members who are very actively involved in two other projects and we support them in a small way, hoping to increase this with time.  One is DIL (Developments in Literacy) serving more than 18,000 children in 126 schools in Pakistan. The DIL school we support is for underprivileged , usually destitute, students, mainly girls. It is a student-centered model school with a growing need for Library resources.   The program at this popular elementary school helps promote the status of girls and improve the attitude of boys.





  Another project deals with nutrition, education, and agriculture in rural Guatemala. Through Aldea Maya we are contributing to the teacher training of a young woman, Juana, who is one of the school’s success stories.


  Juana, 21, and her young student. Juana will be completing high school in November and will need to study every Saturday for 3 years and travel for one and a half hours each way to university. She will ride in the back of a truck, take a half hour boat ride, walk a mile and take 2 buses to reach school.


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