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General Meeting – Climate Action for All

Nancy Randall
Climate Action: What might Concerned Citizens do?
Session Description:
Climate change? What can we do? Nancy will share practical examples of the many types of climate actions that will contribute to climate solutions.
She will describe four levels of action that provide a framework for a climate action plan. Linda Fullalove and Nancy will share, as examples, their
climate action plans. Nancy will ask participants to consider which climate actions they may already be implementing and which they may consider for
future action. Significant climate changes will occur when many citizens decide to take action on climate solutions.

Nancy Randall was founding director of the Vancouver Island University Teaching and Learning Centre. After retirement, she was invited to become a marriage commissioner and conducted 200+ weddings. She also taught healthy aging workshops as well as Salish Sea environment and climate change workshops through VIU Elder College. She decided to dedicate this decade to learning about climate change. Nancy was recently honored with a Climate Hug to recognize her community-based focus on climate action and solutions.


Jan 08 2024


6:30 pm - 9:00 pm